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Popular Types Of Door Closers

Popular Types Of Door Closers are Overhead Concealed, Surface Mounted and Floor Mounted.

Surface Mounted Door Closers

Surface Mounted Door Closers are the most common and least expensive to install. They can be fairly easily replaces, at the same time they provide a wide variety of features and options that are sometimes can’t be found on other types of door closers.

Overhead Concealed Door Closer

Overhead Concealed Door Closers Mounted in the header are commonly used with storefront applications using aluminum frame and doors. They are offer non-obtrsive, economical means of controlling a door without the expense and corrosion factors associated with Floor Mounted Closers, which are the most expensive to install, and are often subject to premature failure due to corrosion.

Floor Mounted Door Closers

Floor Mounted Door Closers must be considered when dealing with heavy doors or high foot traffic. They provide the most efficient mechanical means of controlling a door, and are able to sustain most abuse.

Is it time to replace your door closer?

When choosing a door closer, there are two considerations:  A) Is it replacing an existing one  B) Is it a new installation

It is important to note the existing door closer’s size and marking, mounting hole dimensions and spring size. Are all of the necessary accessory items and parts, such as drop plate, door arms, brackets usable, or they need to be replaced as well.

If oil is leaking from your door closer, throw it away and buy a new one.
If your door closer is slamming the door and cannot be adjusted to do otherwise, either the fluid has leaked out or the valve seals are worn out. Either way, your best option is to replace it.
If the door closer has no spring tension and the spring tension adjustment turns round and round with no effect, the spring is broken the door closer must be replaced.

Door Closer NYC for any door closer repair service or new door closer installation!

Door Closers come in a wide variety of makes, models and finishes and are found everywhere, surface mounted, concealed in the door frame header, and even concealed in the floor. We offer popular door closer brands such as Norton, LCN, Arrow, Corbin, Yale, Sargent, Jackson, Kawneer, Rixson, and Dorma.


Do not use the door closer as a door stop. If you want to prevent the door from opening beyond a specified point an auxiliary doorstop is always recommended.

Maintaining temperatures Inside

Door closers also play a role in maintaining average cooling temperatures, since colder air does not vent out for longer periods if the door remains closed for longer periods on average.

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