Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems NYC 212-960-8039 The preliminary role of an access control system is to manage ingress and, in some cases, egress. When all is said and done, one’s standard defense is at the regulated opening. In order to keep the bad guys out and only let only the certified personnel in, business owners should have an access control system.

By itself, a door lets individuals in and out. However, when a lock is put on the door, we now have an access control system. You might not think of it as one, however a locked door is just that– a regulated access point. Just authorized people with a key are to be let through that specific door. Thus, the old standby– the mechanical lock and key– remains to be the most popular gain access to control “system” in use today.
Undoubtedly, most access control starts with a common mechanical lock. Then, one day, there is a call for a bit more defense for designated openings. To upgrade from mechanical secrets, manger decision makers typically figure out that an electronic lock is the best option. They require a device that will let them secure doors, handle lists of authorized users, and offer an audit trail from the lock to see who went where and when. (Also using other security systems like: CCTV, Security Cameras).
Electronic locks can be standalone, linked to a venture’s network or hooked into their own marked network within the venture. In addition to electronic locks, there are lots of branches of the access control tree providing myriad solutions from easy to intricate.

Access Control Systems

Installing A Door Access Control System  – Some electronic devices provide economical solutions for raised protection and benefit without forgoing aesthetics. In lots of cases, the electronic locks can fit the profile of the Mechanical lock and be in the opposite direction suitable from an installation standpoint.

For simple migration from the standard mechanical or electrical locksets, there are standalone keypad programmable locking systems that fit a standard ANSI/BHMA cylindrical and mortise lock preparation, needing only minor modifications to the door. They accommodate common door widths without the requirement for spacers or shim kits.
For retrofitting older, PIN code locksets, doorplates are readily available to cover door preparation scars left from the prior installment. Facilities with cylindrical locks, mortise locks and aluminum door latches can deploy one common option to fulfill basic gain access to control demands.
If even more automation is required, a hospital, school or university may choose to graduate to a software-managed option that can use qualifications such as distance cards, fobs or magnetic-stripe cards.

Locks in Security System – Magnetic locks

An electromagnetic lock or maglock provides locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. Magnetic locks possess a number of advantages over conventional locks and electric strikes. For example, their durability and quick operation can make them valuable in a high-traffic office environment where electronic authentication is necessary.


  • Easy to install: Magnetic locks are generally easier to install than other locks since there are no interconnecting parts.
  • Quick to operate: Magnetic locks unlock instantly when the power is cut, allowing for quick release in comparison to other locks.
  • Sturdy: Magnetic locks may also suffer less damage from multiple blows than do conventional locks. If a magnetic lock is forced open with a crowbar, it will often do little or no damage to the door or lock. There are no moving parts in an electromagnetic lock to break.


  • Requires a constant power source in order to be secure.
  • Can de-energize in the event of a power outage, disabling security.
  • Expensive in comparison to mechanical locks and requires additional hardware for safe operation.
card-reader-access-control-systemCard Reader – Card Access Control Systems

The card reader system allow you to monitor and control the readers, relays and door position of each door in the system, or all doors simultaneously. If security has been breached anywhere in the system, your access control system will show you precisely where and when. If you are suspicious of a particular employee, your system can report an audit trail of all card reader activities. You can effectively manage and track your company’s visitors, ask the system to email or page you when a breach occurs, or interface your access control system to your HR database.

We are servicing business, hospital, school, college, government agency or other organization, you can control and manage your access control system from anywhere on your network. No matter how large your organizations, no matter how many sites you have scattered around the city or around the globe, Access Control Systems NYC can provide you a powerful system that adapts to your unique requirements.

Card Reader

Card reader mounted on an enclosure for outdoor applications.

Indoor applications to control access to secure areas.

Key fobs are small and fit on your key chain.

Contactless proximity readers require no touch to read the card.

Long range readers can read tags up to 30-feet away using active tags.