Door Closer Service

Door Closers NYC team of experts understand the importance of door closer care; we will keep your commercial doors in excellent working condition.

  • Commercial door closer adjustment
  • Commercial door closer repair
  • Commercial door closer installation

Door Closer Service

Like a any door, the doors of your business affects customers’ impression about your business. Not only does the door need to have a certain level of look, but it also needs to facilitate safe passage in and out of the building. When people encounter your business, you need to ensure that you do everything possible to keep customer loyalty, including the easy operation of your door.

Door closer for commercial applications maintenance

Door Closers NYC experts have the knowledge of providing great customer satisfaction when providing service, maintenance, door closer repair, replacement for all types of door closers.These service of door closer installation, repair and maintenance include:

  • Incorrect door closers: Building codes require commercial doors to have commercial-grade door closers that meet certain specifications, such as strong springs that support the weight of the door. Installation of the wrong door closer can lead to damaged door components, misalignment and possible safety hazards.
  • Improper installation and adjustments: Work with door closer care experts that have the right tools, equipment and experience installing, maintaining and repairing in door closers. With the proper door closer care, you can avoid a variety of possible issues, including:
    • Door misalignments
    • Damage to the doorframe
    • Unusual door movement
  • Seal repairs or oil leaks: Broken and worn seals in the door closer create a clearance gap that makes the hardware prone to damage and possible oil leaks. An oil leak may be indicative mechanical issues with door closer, such as missing screws, damaged O-rings or broken seals.
  • Difficult lock: A malfunctioning door closer compromises the entire door system, including the frame, lock, and it poses a safety hazard.

Some door closers have an adjustment for spring tension these include all types, however all types of door closers come in different strengths. Heavy Medium & Light spring strength. Better quality door closers have adjustments for closing speed and adjustments for latching speed. Therefore enabling the door to close at one speed and then to latch at another speed.  An example of this might be a situation where the door owner wants the door to close very slowly to enable them to, say, get a lot of storage through the door but then to latch quickly and securely. The two independent speed ranges of the door closer can therefore be adjusted to suite.

In addition some door closer models come with a stay open feature. This means that when the door is open to say either 90 Degrees or 105 Degrees the door will remain held open until it is pushed to close.  At a secure place this option may not be the preferred option since some folk may leave the door open enabling entry and exit through the door at will and to the detriment of the security of the doorway.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Door Closers NYC provides first-class installation, repair and maintenance services for all types of door closures. Contact our knowledgeable team and learn how we can provide all of your door closer care as well as glass repair, doorframe, hinge, threshold and other services.