What is key FOB?

Join the 21st century era of electronic access control!

A security key fob is a wireless remote control device nearly identical to those clickers you get with your car. In fact, they perform basically the same function. The wireless remote for your car locks and unlocks the car doors and initializes the built-in security system. It also includes a panic button that blares the horn and flashes the headlights and taillights.


Ultimately, the fob technology — already widespread in new condominium developments — will allow the co-op’s building management to target and control access. For example, only those who use bikes will be allowed access into the bike room in the basement. Hired dog walkers and weekly cleaning services will be given limited access to only the doors necessary for them to perform their jobs.

Another reason is curb appeal – 2016 access system would make the co-op more attractive to would-be buyers.

Electronic Keyless Entry Systems

The wireless remote, or key fob, for your home security system arms and disarms the security system in your home. It also includes a panic button that sounds an alarm, which in turn causes the monitoring company to be notified that a security breach or other home emergency is in progress.

If anyone loses a fob, building superintendent, who has been very involved in the installation process, will merely deactivate it and issue a new one. A host of logistical problems will evaporate, making the key fobs an attractive option from a managerial perspective.

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