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A herculite door was a particular manufacturer of a frameless glass door.
Commercial Glass Doors

Commercial Glass Doors are also known as All Glass Doors or Frameless Glass Doors. These attractive doors are pure glass, handles and hinges. The glass is very thick and heavy, providing an expensive look and feel to add a touch of class to the building decor. These doors are prevalent in malls, offices, fitness centers and church buildings because of their aesthetically pleasing look of elegance. Glass doors are one of the nicest entry doors you can install in a business to portray the image of success. They come with a variety of opening and closing hardware choices to customize the appearance of the door specific to your needs.

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Sometimes A Door Must Be Repaired

If you expect a door closer to consistently close the door, the door must be able to close properly. If there is a hinge problem, a warped door, or the door must swing uphill to close, a door closer will only go so far to solve the problem. Sometimes a door must be repaired before it will close and lock automatically with a door closer.

These are high profile doors you might see at a lobby, or mall entrance, or perhaps an executive office.

Glass Doors are high profile doors you might see at a lobby, mall entrance, or an executive office.

We offer Glass Style Frameless Glass Doors with continuous rails or patch fitting hardware.

Herculite Glass DoorGlass Door Locks

Panic Door Devices – complete door hardware and locking ladder style pulls to compliment each and every Herculite Glass Door Entrances system. The Ladder hardware pull line is now one of the most popular push pulls used on glass doors.


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Door Repair

It is important to keep all doors in your business functioning properly, if they have a door closer or not, and this is where a good door repair service is needed. Especially if it is an emergency door repair or repair of the main entry door, is best done by Door Repair Brooklyn. Our team of professionals can take 24/7 jobs or repair. After hours, weekends, holidays. We are always available for you!  24 hour service, 7 days a week. When an emergency comes up, (broken door, lockout, key loss) you can count on us to provide you great and fast service.

Fire safety within the home or business is an extremely important issue, especially in mixed use premises and where unrelated occupiers, who live independently from one another, share common areas of the same building.

If you are a building owner you need to ensure residence are aware of their responsibilities to carry out a fire risk assessment, and make sure their property has adequate and appropriate fire safety measures in place.

Fire Doors

If your doors are fire doors, then they need to be kept closed at all times (unless being used, of course) to stop the spread of fire. This is achieved with door closers which can be uncomfortable as you want to move freely through your apartment without having to open heavy fire doors. Anther option is to use fire door retainers, these will keep the fire doors open, though. A fire door retainer will release the fire door and allow the door to close when there is a fire alarm going off.

Where fire-resisting partitions are required, any doorways within them must be fitted with fire- resisting door assemblies providing fire resistance at least to the same standard as the requirement for the partition itself – so 30-minute partitions will require a 30-minute fire-resisting door, 60-minute partitions a 60-minute door:

• 30-minute doorsets are specified as FD30 (or E 30) • 60-minute doorsets are specified as FD60 (or E 60)