Overhead Concealed Door Closer

Overhead Concealed Door Closers Mounted in the header are commonly used with storefront applications using aluminum frame and doors. They are offer non-obtrsive, economical means of controlling a door without the expense and corrosion factors associated with Floor Mounted Closers, which are the most expensive to install, and are often subject to premature failure due to corrosion.

Overhead Concealed door closers are used to provide a more aesthetic look to the opening.

Determined by the make and manufacturer, installation of of the overhead concealed door closers products places the closer mechanism and attached hardware in a diversity of potential installation places that require early planning during fabrication of the door system. A pocket trough in the framed door header, top door rail area, or installation into a channel.

Overhead Concealed Door Closer Adjustment

The overhead concealed door closer is a very common type of door closer mechanism which is normally unseen and unnoticed. In the majority of installations, these concealed closers are used on aluminum glazed storefront doors, hollow metal stand alone, or structural framed window systems.

There are many variations and potential uses that allow special operations and cycling of doors with Overhead Concealed Door Closer products. Functions such as door hold open, delayed closing, (Delayed action is a feature available on many door closers, which delays the closing cycle for up to a minute or more) and door swing management are all possible. With some products, the concealed closer must be specially handed for either right or left hand installations. Dual action closers where the door sweeps in either direction are also available with additional hold open and delay functions. Typically, the choice to use a concealed closer has to do with the desire to provide a finished clean appearance free of a piece of hardware positioned on the door or frame of an opening. In contrast to the box like surface mounted closer commonly found on doors in hotels, hospitals and other commercial venues, concealed door closers are completely hidden to most observers.