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We provide services for these closers:

Door Closer Type


Door Closers NYC offers the widest variety of door closers in New York, as well as automatic doors, magnetic releases, and hydraulic door closers. We have exactly what you need in stock and are ready to install door closers whenever you need them. What’s more, our licensed and insured staff is professional and will work efficiently so that your business can get back on track in no time!

Overhead Closers

The most common type of door closer is the overhead door closer which makes doors close smoothly or keeps them open without a doorstop. We can help them blend into the door or use fine metallic finishes to accentuate the trim of your door.

A surface-mounted door closer will fit your door frame. These are considered more cost-effective door closers and are more commonly used on interior doors. What’s more, this door closer can be matched the color of your door for aesthetic purposes.

Concealed Closers

For the most aesthetically-appealing doors, your go-to should be concealed door closers. We sell and install the best-concealed door closer units in the city. They work the same as other door closers but are hidden from view to give your space a sleek appearance. A small recessed unit allows for this.

Concealed Door Closer
When you don’t want anyone to see your door closer, you can always go with concealed door closers. They work via hydraulics or springs and are made to function silently and efficiently. We recommend them for interior doors with low weights since they are less durable than other types of door closers.

Floor Closers

For heavy-duty doors, we recommend floor door closers that are mounted into a cement case and covered by the threshold or a cover plate. This is much more durable than concealed door closers and is typically used for commercial purposes.

Choose a floor spring door closer if you have a storefront glass door. We can mount the unit in a concealed area on the floor, which gives you another aesthetically-appealing option to choose from.


Door Closers

Most of the time, people don’t pay attention to entrances (unless they are historical or particularly aesthetically-appealing).

They also don’t typically look at the parts that operate doors. For us, at Door Closer NYC, doors and door closers are second-nature. Door closers are important because they ensure that a door closes after every use. This accomplishes a few things:

  • Helps limit the spread of fire throughout a building
  • Enhances the security of a premises
  • Prevents the door from slamming and causing bodily injury
  • Improves the acoustic properties of a space

Our professional team can advise you with the right choice that will fit your door and your budget.

Choosing The Best Door Closer For Your Door

If you are uncertain about which type of door closer to choose for your door/premises type, then call us today to speak with one of our expert door technicians. We will explain all the differences and guide you in making the best and most cost-effective decision for your space. Every one of our installations is 100% compliant with state, local, and federal regulations.

Choosing a door closer will depend on many different factors including customer preference, manufacturer options, and building specifications. We will help you choose the best option for your space, budget, and other needs.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Affordability
  • Backswing requirements
  • Location of the door itself
  • Size and weight of the door
  • Opening and closing frequency
  • Mounting location (above the door or below it)

Regular Arm

Regular arms are one of the most common ways to install door closers. Over time, regular usage can lead to a frustrating creaking sound.

When that happens, give us a call! We come to your location and make adjustments and modifications based on your budget and schedule.

Floor Springs

We are distributors of hardware fittings and accessories for tempered glass and aluminum doors. Such hardware often includes floor springs.

Choose a floor spring door closer if you are installing it in a set of storefront glass doors. This will hide the door closer from the view of your clients to maintain an elegant appearance.

Top Jamb

Choose this closer when you want the same usage as the regular arm closers but have doors made from aluminum or glass. These are some of the softest working units and we recommend them in more fragile doors.

Top Jamb Mount

Top jamb mounted closers are used where the top rail of the door is narrow and the closer needs to be installed on the push side of the opening.

Parallel Arm

Most door closers used today are surface-mounted closers with a double-lever arm. A parallel-arm closer is mounted on the push side of the door, and the arm is parallel to the frame when the door is closed. The parallel arm door closers function by resting on top of the doors while they are closed and springing up when opened. We recommend them for higher security units where a sense of luxury and style is still desired. However, they lack the full range of durability compared to top jamb or regular arm closers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hold Open or Hold Open Arm?

Hold open describes the ability of the door closer to hold the door in the open position. Most overhead door closers achieve this function via a special type arm (Hold Open Arm).

Important! – Most NYC building codes do not permit the installation of any type of hold open door closers on fire-rated doors.

If you are debating between a parallel arm or a top jamb overhead door closer for your door, which is preferable?

We usually recommend parallel arm because it is less prone to vandalism. In addition, it is more aesthetically pleasing and can be a solid forearm (depending on the closer) rather than a multi-piece arm. The parallel arm mounting does impact the closing force of your door, but with the modern adjustable spring size closers available today, we haven’t run into any issues with that.

I want to install a new overhead door closer and I'm not sure which one to choose. What are the benefits of each?

Here are some of the positives and negatives of each mounting type to help you decide which is best for your application. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call today to speak with a technician.

Regular Arm: This is the only pull-side application where a double lever arm is used. It is the most power-efficient application for a door closer.

Since the arm assembly projects directly out from the door frame, the regular arm mounting may present aesthetic issues. However, that is not as much of an issue in commercial applications, so that is something to keep in mind.

Top Jamb: This is a variation of the regular arm mechanism.

The most common application of top jamb mounting is on doors placed in exterior walls that swing out of the building. The entire door closer and arm project from the frame in a similar fashion to the regular arm mounting.

Parallel Arm: This application provides the best aesthetic for an overhead surface-mounted door closer with a double lever arm. As mentioned previously, it is best employed in vandalism-prone areas.

The parallel arm is placed on the push side of the door and the arm assembly extends almost parallel to the door. When the door is closed there is very little hardware projecting from the frame face.

Parallel Arm application will also allow the door to swing 180 degrees.

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