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Charles Dickens once said, “A very little key will open a very heavy door.”

The same goes for turning door closer adjustment screws—a little will go a long way!

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Adjusting Door Closers

Door closers are devices that allow the door to close automatically.

Not only can they be fitted to numerous types of doors, but they can be set to function at a variety of speeds as well.

When adjusting the screws, start with no more than 1/8 of a turn clockwise (about 45 degrees) to reduce the door’s closing speed, or 1/8 of a turn counterclockwise to increase the closing speed.

You can ensure that the adjustment was completed correctly by opening the door and watching it close automatically a few times. 

However, at Doors and More NYC, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional to install or repair your door closer because if it is fitted incorrectly, it may as well not be there at all! Additionally, a malfunctioning door closer can be extremely hazardous to any passersby due to the risk of the door closing too hard or too fast.

Door Closer Adjustment

Common Questions:

Can I Adjust My Door Closer?
Yes, you can. However, you should be cautious while doing so to prevent injury. We recommend hiring an expert technician to adjust your door closer for you! 

What Can I Adjust on a Door Closer?
The most common adjustments are the closing swing speed, the latching speed, and closing delay. 

Will Adjusting the Door Closer Help My Door Close?
It depends. If the door closer you have is properly sized and not damaged, certain adjustments may help the door close properly. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions!

What are the different types of door closers?

  • Surface-Mounted
  • Concealed in-frame
  • Concealed in-floor
  • Concealed in-door